Working in Stealth Mode

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3 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    It says there’s another file whit the same name and can’t install it

  2. Adrian says:

    When i try download any micro G apk it says *the file has not been downloaded*

  3. Uh Oh Stinky says:

    After installing Micro G , I logged in to ky google account on YouTube vanced . It worked after one used like its logged in now you can see the posts of the people you are subscribed to then you’re done watching after using the small screen. You got out of the app and cleared your apps like the one that you used earlier . Then you decided to use the YouTube Vanced app again then you tap the app and it quits itself , then you tap several times then your phone says restart or clear the apps data because it won’t work something like that. So don’t install the micro G app cuz it happened to me 4 times so just use the YouTube Vanced app only , I know its hard to just keep searching the youtubers that you want to watch but it’s for the best , it works well just please dont install the Micro G app cuz the same thing is gonna happened over and over again , you’re gonna need to install the YouTube Vanced app so it will work . Just remember do not install Micro G, if you don’t understand Im very sorry.

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